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Let me just start with stating I’m a solid type “A” personality, and proud of it. That may be the reason why I have worked as a computer engineer on complex data analysis and diagnostic testing for over 30 years. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and trying to understand the deeper relationships between them. Diagnostics help determine the root cause of a condition, whether that is related to the medical field or, in my case now, through observing specific areas of strength and weakness involved with running to determine the best course of action for my clients. Over the past 14 years of racing events ranging from 5K’s to marathons, I have constantly set out to achieve new and higher goals. Some of these goals may never happen, but by having set goals and working to achieve them I am constantly improving. My clients notice an immediate improvement in their ability to train harder, run smarter, and achieve more through proper coaching. I am more excited than ever in helping clients make their goals become a reality, overcome those nasty training road blocks, and enjoying what running brings to them.

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