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RRCA Certified Coach Zz has an extensive background in running, strength training, and research participation. Starting her personal athletic career at the age of 6, Zz began as a competitive swimmer. Over the years of her youth she participated in other sports, but grew to love running after winning the 16 and under age group in a local 5k…at age 11. She participated in cross country and track, earning herself a spot on the Purdue University track and field team as an 800 meter specialist. Unfortunately, Zz was unable to continue competing after a career ending injury to her ankle sophomore year. Since she was a kinesiology major, she looked closely at the training to see what could have been done to prevent her injury and discovered the importance of strength training. Specific, research proven, and corrective exercise based strength training. After graduating from Purdue in 2011 with her degree in Kinesiology and Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Zz went on to University of Montana for her Master’s of Science in Exercise Science. During her 2 years, she spent an excessive amount in the biomechanics lab assisting with research in high speed running indicators, cycling mechanisms to fatigue, and variations in able bodied runners compared to prosthetic blades. She completed her own research specifically in complex training methods and speed production. At University of Montana Zz also worked as a graduate assistant in the strength and conditioning department. She applied her knowledge in proper training methods to help with many athletes stay injury free while simultaneously improving performance. After Montana, Zz continued as a strength and conditioning coach at Purdue University, University of Notre Dame, University of Cincinnati, Mississippi State University, University of Houston, and the Cincinnati Bengals. She worked with many different teams including swimming and diving, football, basketball, tennis, fencing, cheerleading, volleyball, softball, baseball, golf, and of course cross country and track. While working as a strength coach, Zz maintained her love of running. She has trained for 4 marathons and 7 half marathons, all while still working through the same injury that set her back her sophomore year of college. Recently, this injury was finally addressed and fixed with full reconstructive surgery. Her whole medical team was impressed with the amount of tissue strength and stability she had, making her recovery significantly faster and easier than expected. Showing that personal training program was designed in a way that corrected the biomechanical problems her torn ligaments and tendons were creating. Through her years of experience on both the strength side and running side, Zz is able to tailor programs specifically to your unique needs as an athlete. Whether you are a beginner and healthy, or an ultra marathoner with chronic injuries she has experience helping countless clients achieve their running, and strength, goals!

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