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Request Additional Insured Certificates

Important reminders:

Please remember timing companies, hired race directors, and police are not eligible to be named as additional insureds as they are considered contractors and must have their own coverage.  Your timing company or a hired race director should provide proof of coverage.
  • Running club members may request additional insured certificates for all owned events. Clubs may not request additional insured certificates for events they do not own; that is fraud.
  • Event members may request additional insured certificates for each event that they have paid for liability insurance.
  • Event management companies that own multiple events must insure EACH event with the RRCA before requesting additional insured certificates. Email to ensure that you have paid all insurance premiums for owned events before submitting a request for additional insured certificate(s).
  • It will take up to 14 business days to process the certificate of insurance.  If you have questions about Additional Insured Certificates, please make sure you use the correct email for Margaret Mayers as it changed in 2018: Please do not email her to inquire about your certificate status if you are within the 14-day window of making your payment and awaiting your certificate.  Keep in mind, the month of January is a high-volume time for requests.
  • Read the insurance information.

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You will be redirected to the Insurance Management Group.

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