2024 Membership Join/Renew is Open

Registering for an RRCA certification course? Create your user account in our system, login, then return to register for a course.

New to RRCA? Create your user account in our system.  If you are joining as a new organization, you must create your organization at the time you create your individual profile.  Need help, email [email protected].

Already an RRCA user/member in the system? Login, click “My Profile” button to access the Membership System. If changing your password, check your email for a verification link.

Visit the Membership System How To page for additional instructions. If you need assistance, email the appropriate staff member.

Adding Events to the RRCA Calendar:

Only RRCA member Clubs, Events, and Event Management Companies can add events to our calendar. To add events at any time during the year after joining/renewing, login and select your organization profile to access the “Manage My Events” section in the membership system. Detailed instructions for adding events can be found on the Membership System How To page.

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