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2014 RRCA Membership Renewals Begin Today

Annual membership in the RRCA, including insurance coverage, begins on December 31st at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM on December 30th of the following year. Clubs and events must renew their membership prior to December 31st and there is NO prorating of dues or insurance for late payments or for new members joining throughout the year. There are NO REFUNDS if a member cancels or dissolves an organization or event during the year. There are NO INSURANCE REFUNDS if any race activities including pre-race planning, pre-race marketing, and registration collection have occurred in the year, even if the race gets cancelled.

Dues and Insurance Rates

For the sixth year in a row there is no increase for the membership dues for all membership categories. There is also no rate increase for the general liability insurance program for running club members. The D&O insurance, required for nonprofit club and event members, has had its first increase in over ten years. The new rate is now $185. There is an 8% increase in the liability insurance rates for event members and event management company members for 2014. While claims remain low and stable for RRCA event members, the potential for random acts of violence, which are covered under this general liability policy as opposed to official acts of terrorism which are not covered, factored into the 2014 rate structure. >>>>HOWEVER, all event members and event management company members whose primary contact is an RRCA Certified Race Director as of December 31, 2013 can receive an 8% discount on 2014 liability insurance rates for $1million of coverage per occurrence through the RRCA Certified Race Director insurance program. Through this program, members may utilize the discounted $1million insurance rate, but they will be required to purchase the day-to-day activities, office premises, and non-owned/hired auto policy for $530. We require this additional policy, because you are stating that you are a professional race director with formal business operations, and therefore we require you to carry business insurance. Learn more about this special liability insurance program for RRCA Certified Race Directors only. In advance of renewing your membership, please review your contact information in our online database by finding your club listing on our Find a Club page. If your club needs to change the primary contact listed with the RRCA, please do so ASAP by following these instructions: If you are the NEW Primary Contact for your running club in 2014, please create a personal profile in the Manage Profile section of the website. Select the Create Profile option. Once you have created a profile, send an email to In the subject line of the e-mail, write - Primary Contact Update. In the email be sure to include your full name and running club or event name. We will notify you when the primary contact update is complete. Then you can proceed with the renewal process. Please closely review the information in the Membership section of our website and associated links. Then you will find the link to access the online membership form. You need to read the information, because you must attest to having read the information as part of our member accountability process. PLEASE PAY BY CHECK!!!! RRCA members are encouraged to pay by check. Your check allows the RRCA to invest our resources into programs, not credit card processing fees. Members with dues and insurance fees over $5,000 MUST mail a check. We will no longer break payments into multiple batches for credit card payments above the $5,000 threshold. Our system won't accept payments over $5,000. Paying by check is an important way to financially support RRCA programs.

Optional Insurance Programs

The RRCA has several optional insurance programs to help ensure the best possible coverage for your activities

Volunteer Medical Personnel Endorsement

Coverage for volunteer medical personnel can be purchased by RRCA members covered under the general liability insurance program. The Volunteer Medical Personnel Endorsement covers emergency first aid and/or on-course medical treatment by properly licensed medical personnel working on a voluntary basis. Paid medical staff are not covered under this endorsement.

Operations Package Program - $750*

The insurance program also offers the optional Operations Package, which provides for basic business type insurance coverages for your club. This insurance covers for items such as timing clocks, club or event owned computers, etc. It also helps cover clubs in the event that a volunteer or employee embezzles funds from the club or event through theft, forgery, or alterations of documents. $25,000 business income loss $5,000 miscellaneous equipment coverage (in-land marine policy for off-site/out of office equipment) $75,000 business personal property coverage (in-office equipment and property) $10,000 hardware/software coverage $25,000 employee/volunteer dishonesty coverage - must have RRCA recommended financial policies in place $25,000 forgery and alterations $10,000 theft, disappearance, and destruction

Excess Insurance Coverage Over $2million

From time to time, RRCA members are required to purchase excess insurance over $2million per occurrence. For 2014, the RRCA has been able to lower the rates for the additional coverage from $1,500 to $1,250 per additional million. Members needing this insurance must contact Judy Weaver at Star Insurance at (260) 467-5697 or for underwriting the additional coverage.

Equipment Insurance

The RRCA offers the Inland Marine Equipment Policy, which is written directly by Star Insurance. This policy covers equipment not already covered in the operations package. The policy period runs from March 1st to March 31st of the next year, and the premium is $2.30 per $100.00 of the equipment's replacement cost. Details can be found at

Members Only Section

The RRCA has built a members only section into the website. Only the primary contact for clubs, events, and event management companies will be authorized to access this page. Primary contacts must use their login information to see information in this section. For 2014, the RRCA will post copies of the insurance program policies for members to download to keep on record for their clubs and events. We will no longer snail mail or email the policy copies to members. In this section, members can also complete a brief form to access the incident report form for reporting claims to the insurance policy. The video of the 2013 Insurance and Risk Management Session from the 55th Annual RRCA National Convention is available for viewing in the members-only section for a nominal fee of $25. This video highlights the important information shared at the RRCA annual convention that our members need to know.

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