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A Message from the Track & Field Athlete's Association

The TFAA will not stand by while the collective voice of the athletes is ignored. As many of you are aware, the integrity of the results of a national championship was compromised at the USATF Indoor Championships in February. Proper procedure was not followed after the women"�s 3000m, resulting in the disqualification of the winner, Gabriele Grunewald. In the men"�s 3000m, Andrew Bumbalough was disqualified for contact he never made, which is clearly evident in the race footage. USA Track and Field reinstated Grunewald as the winner of the women"�s 3000m two days after the race, but with no explanation as to why proper procedure had not been followed and how they would prevent this from happening in the future. USATF has not responded with regards to the disqualification of Bumbalough. The Track and Field Athletes Association proposed to the USATF that there be athlete representatives observing the protest and appeals process at future USATF championships. This proposal intended to improve transparency and accountability going forward for all parties involved. The proposal was sent directly to the USATF and was also presented openly to the public, garnering almost 1000 signatures in a matter of days. USATF canceled a conference call initially scheduled for Monday, March 10, 2014, to discuss this proposal and since then has ignored all follow-up requests to reschedule from both the TFAA and the USATF Athlete Advisory Committee. Why would our national governing body ignore the athletes association, their own athletes advisory committee (which is required by the Ted Stevens Act) and the 1,000 athletes, coaches, agents, sponsors and fans who signed the petition calling for change? The lack of action is the most recent in a long-string of failures to engage in meaningful dialogue with the TFAA and the AAC. We've identified a number of issues that would enhance the professional side of our sport: improved transparency in the processes for protests, greater visibility into the bid processes for national championship sites, revenue-sharing opportunities and more. We support USATF in their mission of driving 'ompetitive excellence and popular engagement in our sport" and we recognize them in their role as a national governing body, but we do not agree with the tactic of shutting out THE ATHLETE VOICE. It is unacceptable for the collective voice of the athletes to be disrespected and dismissed. Track and field is our life, our dream, our soul. It is OUR sport. We are aligned with our fans in our quest to improve our sport. We cannot sit idly by while its integrity is compromised and our calls for action and change fall on deaf ears. It's time for action! This communication is just the first step. We call on your support and input as the TFAA prepares and acts on a series of important initiatives. Please tweet the following link with the hashtag #USATFChange to support our stance that our collective voice should not be ignored: If you need help composing tweets or posts, we have prepared some for you: We the athletes will not stand for our voices being ignored #USATFchange Please support the TFAA in protecting the collective voice of the athletes #USATFchange It is unacceptable for the collective voice of the athletes to be dismissed. #USATFchange Why would our national governing body ignore the athletes, coaches, agents, sponsors and fans? #USATFchange Track and field is OUR sport and we want to make it better. Our voice will not be silenced. #USATFchange There must be open communication between the athletes and their govening body #USATFchange Regards, The TFAA Board

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