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American Trail Running Association Launches Labeling Program

Colorado Springs, CO --- The American Trail Running Association (ATRA) Boardof Directors is pleasedto introduce anewlabelingprogram for events.Aftermuch discussion andmany revisions,the ATRA Board of Directors zeroed in on 15 standardsto address safety, course design and marking, terrain, results, awards, logistics, entry limits, entry brochure, delivery, environmental awareness, time limits, financial accountability, impacts, rules/fairness, dogs and music players that are intended to guide race directors through the planning and execution of their events. Should an event meet at least 12 of the 15 listed standards, an ATRA"�label' can be included on entry materials and on the race website. Both the standards and label are available at ATRA"�s website, "�It is our hope at ATRAthat both race directors and race participants use the standards as an educationaltool,' saidAdamW. Chase,president ofATRA."�Participants, especiallynewcomerstoour sport, will learn about the features they should expect from a well-organized trail race. Race directors can incorporate the standards into their new or existing events. When a participant sees an ATRA label on an entry form they will know that they can expect a quality experience that is worth their investment of training, effort, travel, and entry fee.' Prior to rolling out thisprogram, ATRA conducted a survey to get input from race directors and part icipant s and learned that bot h groups felt that a program of t his type would be beneficial. Through the survey, and after months of planning, the 15 standards were developed all of which the ATRA Board felt should be included in a well-organized event. To assist ATRAwith itsroll-out oftheprogram,ATRA"�s corporate partner,, will offer a forum for race participants to evaluate an event"�s adherence to the standards via their online tools. Visit The event standards will serve as a good complement to ATRA"�s Rules on the Run publication which covers trail etiquette. The Rules on the Run document was released in 2008. Details are available at About ATRA ATRA is a non-profit 501 (c ) 3 corporation founded in 1996 whose mission is to represent and promote trail and mountain running. It is a membership-driven association with corporate, race, club, and individual memberships available. Some of its programs include a comprehensive online calendar, a quarterly newsletter - Trail Times, and monthly e-blasts with current information about the sport. ATRA is a member of USA Track & Field, Road Runners Club of America, International Skyrunning Federation, and Running USA.

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