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Important Tax Filing Reminder for RRCA Nonprofit Members

As a reminder, your organization MUST file a tax return regardless of your club or event income level if you are organized as a nonprofit member in the RRCA's group exemption. This mandatory filing requirement from IRS began in 2012. If you fail to file a tax return with the IRS for any year, your organization will be removed from the RRCA's group exemption, and your tax exempt status will be revoked by the IRS. You can consult with the RRCA to determine if your organization has been dropped by the IRS, if you are unsure. If your status is revoked by the IRS, the RRCA CANNOT reinstate your organization. Inactive members must dissolve and reform as a new entity to be allowed under the RRCA's group exemption. If your tax-exempt status has been revoked, you must file paperwork with the IRS, and pay a fine to the IRS to get your status re-instated. We wish there was more the RRCA could do on this front, but this process resulted from a law passed by Congress and is not an operating policy of the IRS that can be changed. >>>>> FILE YOUR TAX RETURN FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION! As a reminder, the RRCA does not file tax returns for any members. Don't let the IRS revoke your status for failure to fulfill a primary duty of your Board of Directors.

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