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RRCA Launches New Event Calendar for 2015

One of the membership requirements for all clubs, events, and event management companies is to list the events (races) they own on the RRCA Calendar. The RRCA Calendar serves as a marketing resource for your club"�s events and also as a record for insurance purposes. We use the RRCA Calendar to verify event ownership for a member during the additional insured review process. As a race director, you have an ethical duty to report all owned events to the RRCA for insurance coverage purposes. If your event is not listed on the RRCA Calendar and a claim is filed against your club, coverage could be denied due to non-reporting of the events.


  • The RRCA Calendar user login is a NEW feature for 2015. This login is different from the login for membership and insurance payments.
  • Any official race director can post an event on behalf of his or her club, event, or event management company to the calendar. They no longer have to be the primary contact for membership.
  • To get started, click on "�Add New Events' to access the login screen. For 2015, all users MUST select the "New User" option to create a user profile for entering events owned by members.
  • Once you create your login profile, you can enter one or many events at a time.
  • You can update or delete your events as needed by logging into your calendar profile and making updates. (No need to contact RRCA staff for updates anymore!)
  • Event details will be retained from year to year. You can login to the calendar and simply update the event"�s date to be relisted. (No more re-entry of all details each year!)
  • You will receive emails from the system when you create your profile, add, update, or delete events.
  • Use the "�Share This' feature in the header of our website to share information about your event on social networks.
As a reminder, the RRCA Calendar remains a listing of events hosted by members and insured by the RRCA. You must be an RRCA running club/event member in good standing (dues and insurance paid) to post your event on our calendar.

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