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RRCA Launches Race Director Certification Course

The RRCA has partnered with Road Race Management and leading event directors from around the country to provide an affordable education opportunity for anyone interested in putting on a distance running event. Our program goals are to:
  • Provide a baseline of training and knowledge for anyone that directs a distance running event;
  • Provide a structured program for individuals seeking to become certified race directors through a recognized national association for the sport;
  • Provide credentials to race directors that may assist in the permitting process;
  • Provide continuing education opportunities and requirements for certified race directors;
  • Provide a Code of Ethics for Certified Race Directors to follow to help ensure the integrity of the sport and running event management.
Who should take this course:
  • This training program is ideal for running club volunteers that direct races on behalf of their club,
  • For a race director putting on an event for sport or fundraising purposes,
  • For individuals interested in producing races as a business opportunity,
  • For seasoned event directors to have a nationally recognized credential.
RRCA Race Director Certification is not mandatory for race directors seeking to insure events through the RRCA insurance program, however the program is extremely valuable to both new and seasoned event directors. Completing the Race Director Certification course shows that an event director is mindful of best practices and in turn should produce quality events. While this course is not required for all race directors, event participants should expect a safe race, quality event from a certified race director. RRCA running club members seeking to provide training for volunteer race directors should contact the RRCA to obtain a sample letter of understanding to sign between the running club and the volunteer race director taking the course on behalf of the club. RRCA nonprofit running club members should contact the RRCA about discounted program opportunities for multiple race directors taking the course. Learn more about the course, watch a sample module, register today to become an RRCA Certified Race Director!

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