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RUN@WORK and RUN@School Day Participants Share Pictures, Experiences

Throughout the 9th Annual RRCA RUN@Work Day and 3rdAnnual RUN@School Day, participants are taking to social media to share pictures of and observations on how they are marking the day using the hashtag #RunAtWork. Their images and reflections will combine to produce a wonderful pastoral and timeline that represents not only the rich diversity of offices, workplaces and schools taking part, but also the tremendous impact of the event. All day long, we'll be updating the below Storify, offering a strong visual summary of how RUN@WORK and RUN@School Day participants are celebrating the day. Check back frequently to see what everyone is up to, and don't forget to use #RunAtWork on social media to share your own pictures, videos, and observations from how you're celebrating the day. Here are some highlights from the Storify collage below: - September 17: Logistics meant they had to host their event a couple days early, but employees from Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, GA partnered with Big Peach Running Company to put together a group run. - September 18: Our friends at Brooks Running put together a list of five tips for making it easier to run at work, both on RUN@WORK Day or any day. - 8:26 AM -: On Instagram, Mike H notes that he feels conflicted because today is not only RUN@WORK and RUN@School Day, but also Talk Like a Pirate Day. For the record, we feel there's no reason the two events can't beautifully co-exist. Just call us the ARH!-ARH!-C-A. - 9:03 AM: Over 20 staff members from the Richard Henry Lee Elementary in Glen Burnie, MD, kicked off the day with a one mile run. Their matching red shirts not only made them identifiable, but also showed some serious school pride. - 9:35 AM: Students from grade 4-6 in the Dallastown Area School District in York County, PA, took part in a pre-class run this morning. From the looks of the picture, it's possible they were getting in some serious hill work. - 10:18 AM: It's great when organizations or businesses come up with creative ways to promote RUN@WORK and RUN@School Day. Apparently, Running Zone athletic store in Melbourne, FL is giving a discount of $15 off of running shoes for anyone who comes into the store and runs 15 minutes on the treadmill. Very cool. - 11:03 AM: Always great to see folks who work in running practicing what they preach, like the staff of the Pittsburgh Marathon oining the Steel City Road Runners for a lunchtime run today. - 11:31 AM: Fleet Feet Sports in Savannah, GA is using RUN@WORK Day as part of a charity effort. A string of employees will spend nine straight hours running on the store treadmill in support of Liam's Land. - 11:55 AM: User Scott V. on Instagram took our earlier not that Talk Like a Pirate Day and RUN@WORK and RUN@School Day could peacefully co-exist to hear. He brought a skull and cross bones bandana and a pair of running shoes to his desk. Well played. - 12:21 PM: Nice to see it's not just the teachers, but also the students at Richard Henry Lee Elementary who are being active today, as a group of fifth graders took part in running exercises around the outside of the school. - 1:38 PM: Local reports indicate some members of the Time Warner Cable News team took a lunchtime run in Syracuse, NY with some friends from the area YMCA. - 2:04 PM: It's never too early to instill a love of running. With strollers of babies and toddlers in tow, the Marine Corps Marathon's Mom Brigade took part in a group run. That's commitment; something tells me their bosses just might be more demanding than anyone else's. - 2:51 PM: A strong showing from the folks at Heritage Christian Services in Rochester, NY who had 24 (!) co-workers run or walk together today. - 3:29 PM: So far, the group from ASAE, The Center for Association Leadership, is the only group participating in RUN@WORK to take a picture in front a National Historic Landmark. I guess it's a little easier to do when you're based in Washington, D.C., but still, cheers to them for managing to work the White House into their photo. - 4:01 PM: Okay, so maybe the next best thing to taking a picture near a National Historic Landmark, is taking your picture following in the footsteps of an iconic movie character. On Instagram, Amand V shared a picture of her running through Philadelphia, just like Rocky. Sylvester Stallone would be proud. Inspired by the RRCA, some leaders in the Philadelphia running community encouraged city residents to walk to work today. The organizers hope to get Mayor Michael Nutter involved, and to have it recognized as a holiday in the future. 5:04 PM: That's a wrap on our live updates. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in RUN@WORK and RUN@School Day, and to those who shared their pictures and experiences using #RunAtWork. We'll update the Storify below again on Monday once all the pictures from today have come in on social media, so check back then. We hope the takeaway from everyone is how easy it is to find time to exercise before, during, or after the work or school day, and how any day can be a RUN@WORK or RUN@School Day. See you in 2015! The goal of RUN@WORK and RUN@School Day is to encourage adults and children to get 30-minutes of exercise each day, in accordance with the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, either in the morning, during lunch, or immediately following work or school. RUN@WORK and RUN@School Day also encourages companies to help employees schedule time for physical activity. Incorporating exercise into one"�s daily routine can markedly improve one"�s overall physical health. For more information about future RUN@WORK Day and RUN@School Day events, visit the event"�s website or contact Andy Smith, RRCA Programs Coordinator by email at or by phone at 703-525-3890.

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