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What Side of the Road Should You Run on?

By James Fell For three weeks of every year, I fear for my life. Well, it's more accurate to say that I become highly attuned in regard to my safety while running. See, I spend some time each year in a small coastal town in south British Columbia, and the roads are hilly, windy and completely lacking in a pedestrian-friendly shoulder. I remember elementary school. Walk facing traffic. Ride your bike with traffic. And yet, I often see people running that same coastal road with the traffic. Probably a quarter of the runners I see are on the wrong side. And yes, it is the wrong side. In most, but not all cases, the proper side is the left side (one-way roadways not always withstanding). Just make sure you're facing traffic. You'll be doing it correctly. You'll be doing it safely. Read the rest of the article on

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