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RRCA Seeks ROADIEs: Runners, Outreach-Ambassadors, Dedicated, Involved, Enthusiastic


The RRCA is seeking dedicated and enthusiastic runners to be outreach ambassadors, which we call ROADIEs.

The goal of the ROADIE initiative is to increase visibility and awareness of the RRCA and its members throughout the U.S. by engaging runners willing and interested in promoting our “Join a Club” message. ROADIEs are people of all ages and ability that love running and run in organized events from 1 Mile to 5Ks to Ultras and run with ​their club/training group regularly during the year.  You don’t have to do any crazy ultra endurance running to become a ROADIE.

For a nominal fee, ROADIEs will officially register and receive their ROADIE shirt of choice along with an RRCA visor.  ROADIEs should be willing to grant the RRCA permission to share their contact information with the RRCA State Rep in their state.  RRCA State Reps will work with ROADIEs to promote running within their state,  on social media, and at events.

ROADIEs are encouraged to wear their ROADIE shirt and RRCA visor while running events of any distance, while on training runs, while coaching clients, or at social gatherings for clubs. ROADIEs will encourage other runners they meet at races to join their local running club and to encourage them to “run local” in RRCA member events when picking races.

will be active on social media and share photos on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, showing off their ROADIE shirt at events using #RRCAroadie or #RRCAontheRoad.

Outstanding ROADIEs that are highly visible will earn swag from the RRCA including a long sleeve ROADIE shirt at the end of the year.

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