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RRCA Board Recommends Bylaw Updates for Voting Consideration at the 2017 Annual Membership Meeting

On October 8, 2016, the RRCA Board of Directors met in-person in Chicago, IL. As part of the agenda, the need for updating the procedures for electing officers, more specifically the position of Vice President, to the board was discussed among other items.  Read the meeting minutes

Following discussion, the Board recommended a task force, consisting of President Garner, Central Director Sue Brown-Nickerson, At-Large Director Kelly Richards, and Executive Director Knaack, provide recommended language for updating the Bylaws and for Board consideration.

These recommendations were approved by the Board on November 8, 2016, and the Board presents the recommended updates to the RRCA membership for voting consideration at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Membership. 

Proposed Articles to Update:
Article II. Purpose - Reason for Update - To make our "Purpose" statement read as more modern/less dated, and to align with our currently stated mission and vision.

Article VI. Board of Directors - Reason for Update -  To structure the board with 2 elected officers (president and treasurer), 7 elected board members (4 regional and 3 at-large), with 2 from the 7 members appointed by the president/board to serve the officer functions of vice president and secretary. By having 3 at-large directors, it allows for better board recruiting processes, and it also clearly outlines that any board member may move to the position of president during that election year.  By having the vice president appointed from the board, it avoids the public misconception that the vice president is the president-elect.

Article VII. Executive Director
- Reason for Update - To memorializes that the Board fixes compensation for the executive director on an annual basis, which has been an operating practice for over a decade. This additional statements brings the RRCA better in line with best practices for organizational governance.

Article XI. Finances
- Reason for Update - To memorialize in the Bylaws that Board members are not paid for service and to reinforce that the Board is all-volunteer, and to reference in the Bylaws the conflict of interest policy and requirement to review it annually. To also clarify payments to third-party service providers to defray RRCA's reasonable operating expenses. To clearly outline that no loans shall be provided to for Board or staff members of the RRCA.

Article XII. Dissolution - Reason for Update - To break dissolution out to be its own article, as it is a separate function from Article XI. Tax Status.

Download the RRCA Proposed Bylaw Revisions.  For ease of review, you will find the language to be changed in red font, the proposed new language in yellow highlight, and the text in green font outlines purpose for change. 

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