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Introducing Health IQ, Official Life Insurance Partner of the RRCA


Health IQ helps runners save money with special rate life insurance for runners

Health IQThe Road Runners Club of America’s is pleased to announce its partnership with Health IQ, which offers special rate life insurance for runners. Health IQ’s mission is to improve the health of the world by celebrating the health conscious through social and financial rewards.

Health IQ spent the last four years gathering research and data to help prove that runners and other athletes deserve perks like special rates on life insurance.  Through their own research and public data, they were able to show that runners had a 29% reduction in all-cause mortality and a 49% reduction in cardiovascular mortality. Although it took time to break through barriers in life insurance industry, Health IQ was able to get special rates for runners.  In addition to getting special rates, they also made sure that runners are not penalized for things like having a low resting heart rate.  Many carriers mis-classify this as an issue when in fact it is usually a sign of an extreme level of fitness amongst endurance athletes.

“For years we as a company have worked to make the case for rewarding the health conscious,” says Munjal Shah, co-founder and CEO of Health IQ. “The journey began for me in 2010 when I got chest pains and ended up in the ER while running a 10K race. I was only 37 at the time, but knew my father had his first heart attack at 45. Over the next few years, I lost 40 pounds, changed my diet, and ran 3 marathons.”

Since he cofounded Health IQ in 2013, Health IQ has secured $4 billion in insurance coverage for tens of thousands of health conscious people. And there’s more work to be done.

“We founded Health IQ with the simple mission of celebrating the health conscious with social and financial rewards. Offering special rate life insurance is just the beginning,” says Shah, “We are excited to partner with RRCA to offer runners the special rates they deserve.”

The RRCA’s partnership with Health IQ brings a great value-added product to our members, special rate life insurance In support of the sport of running. Health IQ is also now a presenting sponsor for the RRCA Championship Event Series.

If you’re an RRCA Member and want to learn how you can qualify for special rates, go to or call 1-844-760-RRCA to claim Health IQ’s special rate life insurance.

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