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RRCA Recommended Limitations for Virtual Events

bigstock-State-Wide-Closure-Of-Hiking-T-358219910Notice regarding virtual events:  Many events scheduled for April - June are moving to virtual options as opposed to cancelling outright. There are a variety of resources available for hosting virtual events, but RRCA discourages members from creating NEW virtual events between now and the end of May. 

RRCA Members should only be promoting virtual events to replace pre-planned road or trail races forced to cancel during the months of April-May (an perhaps into June).  If converting a pre-planned events to a virtual offering, RRCA recommends updating your event waiver if you move to a virtual run and utilize an updated sign-up for capturing virtual run data/results. 

The RRCA is advising caution when hosting virtual events at this time. Although an appealing option in many ways, the requirements and guidelines from many local governments to stay-at-home or shelter-in-place are worthy of consideration.  Popular running routes, especially multi-use trails are seeing an unsafe uptick in the number of runners/walkers/cyclists out on a daily basis, and to a great extent, social distancing is not being practiced by some, which can put people at risk for the spread of Covid-19.   

Virtual races that offer a very specific running route, along with a narrow window for completion, may overwhelm a recommended course or multi-use trail and be in violation of current local gathering regulations.  The last thing anyone wants is to see their favorite multi-use trails closed due to irresponsible use.  Pre-scheduled road or trail races converting to a virtual option should offer a large time frame for runners to complete the distance, and organizers should not prescribe a required or recommended route to help limit overcrowding of public spaces.

As a community of runners, our collective actions to be good community health-stewards  now and in the coming weeks will help ensure the future of the sport we all love. 

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