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Tracking Participation

Keeping track of your program’s participants should not be a burden. From managing rosters to tracking goals, mileage, progress, and incentives, the process should be simple and effective without wasting valuable instruction time. 

The RRCA has partnered with to develop a user-friendly youth program management portal which includes an online registration and payment system, event promotion, donation solicitation, merchandise sales, and other tools to start or grow your youth running program. Program directors can instruct students to track their running progress using the My Running Log feature, and can communicate with parents and guardians via integrated email tools. The platform is optimized for mobile devices, and is fully customizable to suit your program’s needs.

All youth program directors are encouraged to use this tool to manage their programs, and programs do not have to be branded as a Kids Run the Nation program to use the management system. The system if free of charge if your program is free for participants. If you charge a fee for participants, a small credit card processing fee will apply for online registrations.

Using this service does not create a membership between the RRCA and your youth running program. Learn more about joining the RRCA to take advantages of our membership benefits.

Follow the steps below to create your program management site, manage your program and participants, and log runners’ miles.

Create your program and design your site

  • Visit and click Sign Up at the top of the page to establish your personal profile as a new user. Once you have entered all of the required information, click Register.

     RunSignUp 1

  • Once you are signed into, scroll down on the main page and click on Running Clubs. The slideshow and topics listed on the page will give you an overview of the services RunSignUp offers to running clubs, including youth programs.
  • Click on Create a Club and fill out the required information, such as club name (e.g. “Central Elementary School Kids Run the Nation” or “Bumbling Badgers Run Club”), club description, contact information, and club type (choose “Kids Club” here; if your youth program is a member of the RRCA, choose that option as well). Read the RunSignUp contract and click Agree to establish your club.
  • Next, name your club officers (if any).
  • Then, input your payment information to accept registration and other fees, and determine who will cover credit card processing fees for registration, store purchases, and donations.
  • Continue by establishing membership levels. These could be based on seasons (e.g. Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions), attendance day frequency (e.g. Tuesday Run Club), grade level, school, or any other designation that makes sense for your program. If you’d like, upload a downloadable registration form that can be emailed, faxed, mailed, or hand-delivered. Read and agree to the RunSignUp waiver to continue. (Note: this waiver does not replace a program-specific waiver for your young runners.)
  • Customize your club page by uploading your program’s logo (RunSignUp recommends a 400x400 pixel .jpg or .gif), indicating whether you would like race discount offers to appear on your page, and adding custom sections to your page. Consider including the following: a participation waiver, a participants’ code of conduct, a program calendar that lists meeting days, times and locations, an overview of the program curriculum, nutrition and hydration information, details on upcoming fundraisers, and/or information on your goal Fun Run or other running event. Upload images and PDFs, embed videos or widgets, and provide descriptions for each section as appropriate.

RunSignUp 2

To create the Kids Run the Nation theme, use the following RGB colors:
Navy = 10R, 36G, 69B
Green = 105R, 158G, 86B
Yellow = 248R, 206G, 68B
Bright Blue = 27R, 163G, 220B
Gray = 214R, 214G, 214B

RunSignUp 3

  • Add program-specific questions for parents, guardians, and/or their young runners to be answered during the registration process. These may include such things as grade level, experience with running and other sports, t-shirt size, emergency contact information, interest in participating in a season-ending running event, and others as needed.
  • Once complete, share your program page’s URL via email, social media, handouts, and fliers to promote your program to parents, guardians, and young runners. If you maintain a separate website for your program, embed the RunSignUp registration form on your site.
  • You always have the ability to continue customizing your page on your RunSignUp dashboard, including background and font color schemes, banner image, sidebar menu setup, donation solicitation, and other page elements.

RunSignUp 4

Market and Manage Your Program

  • Log in to RunSignUp and access your program by clicking on MyClubs at the top of the screen. Navigate to your program site’s dashboard.
  • Click on Info Sharing and indicate other individuals, if any, who have permission to edit club members, have full access and control to the program site, manage store orders, or should be listed as Club Directors. RunSignUp gives you the option to display a list of members on the site; however, we discourage doing so to protect the privacy of minor participants.
  • The Members area allows you to view, search, and produce reports from your program membership list. If you currently administer a youth running program and track your membership and participation using spreadsheet software, consider importing your data into RunSignUp in CSV format to ease the administrative burden. RunSignUp also allows you to view members by membership type, and to schedule and send renewal reminders to current program participants.
  • Use the features under Email Marketing to manage email lists and to draft and send emails to parents, guardians, and/or young runners. Consider using RunSignUp to send emails announcing programming changes for inclement weather, providing program-ending Fun Run or other running event details, and other program-wide communications.
  • Set what types of notifications you (as Program Director) and parents, guardians, and/or young runners should receive under the Social tab.
  • Under Donations, you may set up an ongoing or fixed-timeframe fundraising campaign. Use the text box to outline your program’s needs and describe how donated funds would be utilized. Create specific donation levels to encourage donors to support program needs (e.g. $10 = Healthy Snacks for One Running Session, $25 = Incentives and Awards for Two Weeks of the Program Season, etc.) and decide whether to include a goal thermometer and/or scrolling list of donors to show your fundraising progress. Reach out to local residents, business owners, and community leaders who are passionate about living healthy lifestyles for donations.

RunSignUp 5

  • Give parents, guardians, young runners, and friends the opportunity to purchase merchandise such as t-shirts, water bottles, and other items to support the program under the Merchandise tab. This is a great opportunity to raise funds with a branded program t-shirt.
  • The Financial section details the number and value of online transactions. You may also create coupon codes, input your tax identification number, and manage refunds in this section.

Track Participation

Encourage young runners to utilize the My Running Log feature in RunSignUp to track their participation and mileage while running at program sessions and during personal time. Each runner (or his or her parent or guardian) should log in to their RunSignUp account and click on Profile at the top, then scroll down to My Running Log. The log will show the current week, and runners may click on a specific day to log their distance run, duration, pace, feeling, and/or other notes about the experience. After clicking Save Run, the entry will be saved to the running log. 

RunSignUp 6

RunSignUp 7

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the information I provide to RunSignUp secure?
Yes, RunSignUp collects and transmits all sensitive information in a secure way. Look for a closed lock icon on your browser window and “https:” at the beginning of each page’s URL to be sure.

How do I know the identity of my young runner will be safe?
Only parents or guardians of young runners under the age of 18 may register their children. All sensitive information is collected and transmitted in a secure way, and only the designated Club Director(s) have access to each participant’s registration information.

I’m stuck. Who should I go to for help?
For help setting up your RunSignUp site or administering your youth running program using RunSignUp, email

If the RunSignUp platform isn’t right for your youth running program, consider utilizing a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create and manage your program roster, daily participation, mileage, incentives, and other information.

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