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At Kids Run the Nation, we are champions of participation-based youth running programs that aim to get kids moving on a regular basis by helping them fall in love with the sport of running​. Our goal is to create lifelong runners who incorporate the sport into a healthy lifestyle.

Many programs set a goal for youth runners to participate in a running event at the end of the season or year, either administered by the program, hosted by a community group, or put on as part of a larger race nearby. These events range from fun runs ranging from a lap around a track to one or two miles through neighborhood streets, up to a 5k distance.

Use the RRCA’s Find an Event tool to locate upcoming races in your area. If you are interested in holding your own youth running event, consult our Resources for ​Event ​Directors as well as our Guidelines for Safe Events. If you use the RunSignUp platform to manage your program, you have the option of creating and marketing your race to your participants and others through the RunSignUp site.

Share the RRCA's Race Day Tips for Youth Runners:

  • Use the bathroom before you start your race.
  • Listen carefully during the pre-race instructions and follow the rules of the race.
  • Line up at the start with your age group.
  • Younger kids should line up behind older kids if the race does not have age-group starts.
  • Pace yourself.
  • Do not go out too fast at the beginning.
  • Save some energy for the end.
  • Stay on the race course while running.
  • Do not push slower runners out of your way.
  • Pass other runners safely.
  • If you need to tie your shoe or stop for any reason, move to the side of the race course.
  • It is okay to walk during a running race.

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