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Race Director Certification Program

RD Course Logo FINAL.2018The RRCA has partnered with Road Race Management, leading event directors, and industry experts from around the country to provide an affordable education opportunity for anyone interested in putting on road or trail running events.

RRCA Race Director Certification is not mandatory for race directors seeking to insure events through the RRCA insurance program, however the program is extremely valuable to both new and seasoned event directors. Completing the Race Director Certification course shows that an event director is mindful of best practices and in turn should produce quality events. While this course is not required for all race directors, event participants should expect a safe race, quality event from a certified race director.  RRCA running club members seeking to provide training for volunteer race directors should contact the RRCA to obtain a sample letter of understanding to sign between the running club and the volunteer race director taking the course on behalf of the club.  RRCA nonprofit running club members should contact the RRCA about discounted program opportunities for multiple race directors taking the course.

Our Program Goals

  • Provide a baseline of knowledge for anyone that directs road or trail running events;
  • Provide a structured program for individuals seeking to become certified race directors through a recognized national association for the sport;
  • Provide credentials to race directors that may assist in the permitting process;
  • Provide continuing education opportunities and requirements for certified race directors;
  • Provide a Code of Ethics for Certified Race Directors to follow to ensure integrity in the sport and running event management.

Who should take this course?

  • This program is ideal for running club volunteers that direct races on behalf of their club;
  • For a race director putting on an event for sport or fundraising purposes;
  • For individuals interested in producing races as a business opportunity;
  • For seasoned event directors to lead by example and to have a nationally recognized credential.

How the Program Works

  • The program is an online learning course that gives participants the opportunity to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule with no in-person requirements  (View the sample module).
  • The program consists of 6 online-learning modules that are 60-90 minutes each and presented by experienced race directors and subject experts  (View the course syllabus).
  • The course covers all twenty-one chapters in the course textbook, Organizing Running Events 2nd Edition, by Phil Stewart.
  • Payment must be received before participants will be granted access to the course.
  • After receipt of payment, participants will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions for accessing the course, and the coursebook will be mailed (additional fees will apply for coursebooks mailed outside of the U.S.).
  • All modules must be viewed in full and in sequence order to progress through the course.  You can review slides after viewing a module in full.  RRCA staff receives a viewership report for each participant.  Candidates will not be certified if they fail to view 100% of every module.
  • Following completion of all 6 learning modules, each participant will be required to take a 100-question exam and receive a passing score of 85% to complete the program.  You may not take the exam before completing the modules.
  • Participants must complete the course within 6-months of signing up, or a fee will be assessed to complete the course after this period.
  • To be a fully recognized RRCA Certified Race Director, participants must agree to abide by the RRCA Race Director Code of Ethics.  A signed and notarized copy of the RRCA Race Director Code of Ethics must be submitted to the RRCA via email to finalize certification requirements.  Find details on the Final Steps page.

Course Cost and Final Steps

  • The cost of the course is $260, which includes access to all 6 learning modules, the course textbook (including shipping cost), access to the online test, and a certificate of completion.
  • Use the SignUp button below to pay via You will receive a confirmation email from, which contains the course access information.  Keep a copy of the email for your records.  The course textbook will be mailed to you following payment, allow 5-10 days for the book to arrive.

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