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Hosting an RRCA Championship Event

championship.brand.photoThe RRCA manages the bidding process for the event series, and we outline guidelines for event standards and safety expectations following our Guidelines for Safe Event Management.  We leverage sponsorship opportunities and outline branding requirements for events taking advantage of sponsorship offerings as an RRCA Championship Event. We assists with race promotion through the RRCA calendar and pre and post-race promotion through RRCA social media accounts.

Championship Bid Submission Process

Only RRCA member clubs and events may bid for an RRCA Championship designation. The event should be at least in its second year of operation. RRCA Championship Events are encouraged to start as RRCA State Championships then bid for Regional then National Championship status. However, well-established events may bid directly for Regional and/or National Championship designation. Events must agree to follow our requirements for hosting an RRCA Championship, which includes branding the event as an RRCA Championship to our expectations.

  • The RRCA Championship Bidding Information and Instructions outlines the detailed requirements for hosting an RRCA Championship event and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Review the bidding instructions and ensure your event can and will comply with our requirements including branding your event.
  • Determine the appropriate designation for your event – State, Regional or National.
  • Complete the online bid form, print a copy for your records, then click submit. You will be notified of the status of your bid once the championship designations are awarded.

Branding Your RRCA Championship Event

  • Branding your RRCA Championship Event instructions outlines the requirements for branding your RRCA championship event.  ​When you bid on and receive a championship designation, you have affirmatively agreed to follow the RRCA Championship branding requirements. Failure to include RRCA Championship logo or name on the homepage and in materials for your event may result in removal from the event series ​and cancellation of sponsorship items.

Sponsorship Benefits for RRCA Championship Events

RRCA Championship Medals

champ.medals_.state_.4_ALL RRCA Championship events receive eight RRCA Championship medals.  These progress in size for State, Regional and National events.  The Championship medals should be presented to top overall, master, grandmaster, and senior grandmaster male and female winners. If RRCA Championships wish to order finisher medals and additional race awards, ​please contact Ashworth Awards to inquire about RRCA member discounts.

RRCA Championship Race Bibs

2016 RRCA Champ.bibsAll RRCA Championship events are eligible to receive free race numbers for event participants.  The race numbers will have the RRCA Championship logo, the race name, and the race date.  Bibs are sponsored by the RRCA and supplied by Rainbow Racing.  Championship races who choose not to receive free bibs can still receive deeply discounted pricing on bibs by placing an order directly with Rainbow Racing at 800-962-1011 and mentioning the RRCA.

Gatorade Sponsorship for Qualifying RRCA Championship Events

Gatorade sponsors free product, cups, coolers, mixing wands and banners to RRCA Championship races that meet certain qualifications.

  • Races must be hosted by a nonprofit organization;
  • Be at least 10K in length;
  • Include a minimum of 400 participants. 
  • Ultra Marathon races (50K+) may qualify with fewer than 400 participants;
  • Races exceeding 5,000 participants will be reviewed for sponsorship availability.

Qualifying events that receive a winning bid will receive an email from Gatorade requesting you to log on to their ​request form to place the order for your race.  It is important to complete this information in a timely manner.  Your application will be denied if you do not complete the request for product at least 35 days in advance of your race. 

You must follow the instructions for Gatorade aide station set-up.  If you receive Gatorade sponsorship, you must post the Gatorade logo on your website as a sponsor and include their logo on all materials promoting event sponsors​. Gatorade includes their logo along with the RRCA Championship logo in the order-conformation email. The RRCA will provide a valuation of the sponsorship provided from both Gatorade and the RRCA.  Failure to ​follow branding requirements will result in loss of product donation for the event.  Download the Gatorade Logo

After the race, you will receive another email from Gatorade requesting completion of the post-race recap, which includes sending photos of a Gatorade aid station at your event.  If this is not completed within three weeks after the race, the race will be denied sponsorship for the following year. 

RRCA Championship Promotion

  • Discounted advertising for RRCA Championship Events for advertising in Club Running magazine.  (Contact Larry Eder for details)
  • Promotion of RRCA Championship Events through our social media channels
  • RRCA Championship status noted on the RRCA Event Calendar helping your event standout.
  • RRCA finishline tape for select events.  Contact your State Rep for more details.

Post Race Reporting Requirements

Thank you for hosting an RRCA Championship event.  To finalize your requirements, ​there are a few post-race reporting items to attend to: 

  • You MUST complete your Gatorade post-event report within 3-weeks of your event. Gatorade will send an email requesting you complete the post race recap.
  • Send your post race press release to for posting in the RRCA Running News;
  • Send race photos to for posting in social media channels.

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