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RUN@WORK Day Planning Kit

Here you will find everything you need to plan, promote, and host a RUN@WORK Day event in your community

Planning Your RUN@WORK Day Event

  1. Work with your employer to gain support from management for hosting a RUN@WORK Event. Download the RUN@WORK Day flier to share with your employer.
  2. Determine if you will host your event before work, during lunchtime, immediately at the end of the work-day, or at all three times.
  3. Follow the RRCA Guidelines for Safe Events and RRCA Guidelines for Leading a Group Run.
  4. Plan a safe route for your participants.  Choose a central location where everyone can meet-up at the specified start time.  The route should be approximately 3-5K in distance to allow people to run or walk for at least 30-minutes.  A route can be an out and back from a central starting point or a loop course.  Use a mapping tool to help you determine your route.  The course should be pedestrian friendly.
  5. Use an event registration service like or create a Facebook event page to collect names of participants to determine your participation numbers for your RUN@WORK Day Event.  Be sure you have all event participants sign a waiver.
  6. Engage several volunteers to help organize the start and finish of the event.  Have a run leader, a mid-pack course marshal, and an end of the pack “sweeper” to ensure your participants are supported during the run/walk.
  7. Be sure to provide your participants with information on how to get involved with a running club or event after the conclusion of the run/walk.

Promoting Your RUN@WORK Day Event

  1. With permission from your employer, send an email to your co-workers about your event.  Use the RUN@WORK Day sample press release with sample Twitter and Facebook posts to announce your event.  Work with your human resources department to promote the event.
  2. Order FREE copies of the RRCA RUN@WORK Day poster (from the drop down menu under "Buy RRCA Materials") to hang around your office or in our community to help promote your event.
  3. Work with a local sponsor or your employer to provide incentives for your participants.  Consider providing RUN@WORK Day shirts to participants.(Download the new RUN@WORK logo)
  4. Provide a map of the planned route before the event.  Be sure to remind participants that your event will be a fun run or walk and that all participants should follow the rules of the road and obey traffic signals. 
  5. Call a local radio station to provide information about your participation in National RUN@WORK Day. Discuss the local event you are hosting and talk about healthy lifestyle choices including the importance of 30-minutes of exercise a day.
  6. Work with other get active partners in your community including your local YMCA, local Parks & Recreation Department, etc. to assist with and to promote your event.
  7. Post your event on the RRCA RUN@WORK Facebook page or on a local event calendar.

RUN@WORK Day Follow-up

  1. Be sure to thank your RUN@WORK Day event participants for running or walking 30-minutes.  Encourage them to continue running or walking 30 to 60-minutes every day.
  2. Be sure to share information about local running clubs or events and how your co-workers and students can also get involved.
  3. Start planning your 2019 RUN@WORK Day and RUN@School Day events!

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