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RUN@WORK Day Planning Kit

Here you will find everything you need to plan, promote, and host a RUN@WORK Day event in your community

Planning Your RUN@WORK Day Event

  1. Work with your employer to gain support from management for hosting a RUN@WORK Event. Download the RUN@WORK Day flier to share with your employer.
  2. Determine if you will host your event before work, during lunchtime, immediately at the end of the work-day, or at all three times.
  3. Follow the RRCA Guidelines for Safe Events and RRCA Guidelines for Leading a Group Run.
  4. Plan a safe route for your participants.  Choose a central location where everyone can meet-up at the specified start time.  The route should be approximately 3-5K in distance to allow people to run or walk for at least 30-minutes.  A route can be an out and back from a central starting point or a loop course.  Use a mapping tool to help you determine your route.  The course should be pedestrian friendly.
  5. Use an event registration service like or create a Facebook event page to collect names of participants to determine your participation numbers for your RUN@WORK Day Event.  Be sure you have all event participants sign a waiver.
  6. Engage several volunteers to help organize the start and finish of the event.  Have a run leader, a mid-pack course marshal, and an end of the pack “sweeper” to ensure your participants are supported during the run/walk.
  7. Be sure to provide your participants with information on how to get involved with a running club or event after the conclusion of the run/walk.

Promoting Your RUN@WORK Day Event

  1. With permission from your employer, send an email to your co-workers about your event. Work with your human resources department to promote the event.
  2. Order FREE copies of the RRCA RUN@WORK Day poster (from the drop down menu under "Buy RRCA Materials") to hang around your office or in our community to help promote your event.
  3. Work with a local sponsor or your employer to provide incentives for your participants.  Consider providing RUN@WORK Day shirts to participants.(Download the new RUN@WORK logo)
  4. Provide a map of the planned route before the event.  Be sure to remind participants that your event will be a fun run or walk and that all participants should follow the rules of the road and obey traffic signals. 
  5. Call a local radio station to provide information about your participation in National RUN@WORK Day. Discuss the local event you are hosting and talk about healthy lifestyle choices including the importance of 30-minutes of exercise a day.
  6. Work with other get active partners in your community including your local YMCA, local Parks & Recreation Department, etc. to assist with and to promote your event.
  7. Post your event on the RRCA RUN@WORK Facebook page or on a local event calendar.
  8. Share on social media @RRCAnational for Twitter and Instagram using #RunatWork or #RunatWorkDay

RUN@WORK Day Follow-up

  1. Be sure to thank your RUN@WORK Day event participants for running or walking 30-minutes.  Encourage them to continue running or walking 30 to 60-minutes every day.
  2. Be sure to share information about local running clubs or events and how your co-workers and students can also get involved.
  3. Start planning your 2020 RUN@WORK Day and RUN@School Day events!

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