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Community Support Criteria

A Runner Friendly Community should be able to prove that organizations and businesses work together in a positive manner to promote running as a healthy exercise and sport.
  • A Runner Friendly Community is home to one or more nonprofit RRCA running clubs whose mission is to promote running as healthy exercise and a sport.  The running clubs should host regular group runs, host races, and host social events.  The membership fees for these running clubs should be affordable.
  • The nonprofit running club should show that it is working in collaboration with both public and private organizations to support and promote running throughout the community.
  • A Runner Friendly Community ideally has a specialty running store along with other runner friendly businesses.  Runner friendly businesses (coffee shops, restaurants, other merchants, etc) are engaged with the running community. They host group runs and offer discounts to local running club members; are willing to serve as a pre or post run meeting spot; allow runners to use their bathroom facilities as needed; serve as safe places that runners can stop at in an emergency, fill a water bottle; and support clubs through race sponsorships including in-kind donations, publicity, etc.
  • Runner friendly businesses should be willing to hang the RRCA Runner Friendly Business static window decals in a window letting runners know the business supports the running community and is a safe place for runners in times of need.  Businesses or RRCA members can purchase RRCA Runner Friendly Business static window decals to hang in advance of applying for the designation to show that local businesses are runner friendly.  RRCA members are encouraged to purchase the Runner Friendly Business window decals and designate local businesses as runner friendly. Download the Runner Friendly Business fact sheet to customize and share with local businesses.

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