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Government Support Criteria

A Runner Friendly Community Should be able to prove there exists a positive relationship between the running community and local government:
  • Runner Friendly Communities have officials that work closely with the local running community to secure race permits for safe and desirable racecourses with a reasonable permit pricing structure.
  • Race permits issued for preferred course locations and dates.
  • Local government should not impose excessive liability insurance requirements on the running community.  The RRCA considers anything above $1 million per occurrence excessive required coverage for events hosted by nonprofit organizations. For for-profit race directing companies, the RRCA considers Anything above $2 million per occurrence excessive coverage.The RRCA has decades of claims history to justify this criterion.
  • Law enforcement is a positive partner in event planning as opposed to a roadblock – excessive fees, scheduling challenges, etc.
  • Law enforcement pro-actively supports pedestrian rights, address complaints about pedestrian safety including monitoring dangerous intersections, etc.
  • No to low reports of crime on pedestrian networks with runner/pedestrian safety measures in place and areas patrolled regularly by law enforcement.  Community responds to runner complaints by sending officers to locations.
  • Community (park board, city officials, local health dept, running clubs and stores) actively promotes physical fitness, including running, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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