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Cyber Liability Insurance Policy

Premium -  $270*

Running clubs and events continue to expand their use of technology.  Whether it is posting pictures and information through social media, electronic signatures, dates of birth, and other personally identifiable information, or utilization of third-party vendors for race registration and other data resources, it is vitally important that your organization take proactive steps to protect itself when there is a cyber breach or a cybercrime that affects your Board of Directors, your members, and participants.

The RRCA has partnered with Insurance Management Group to offer our members a comprehensive and affordable layer of protection against Ransomware, phishing scams, and other cybercrimes that now affect over 50% of organizations nationwide:

Know the Facts:

  • $36,295 was the average cost of a Ransomware payment in 2019
  • Hacked cardholder data was available via the Dark Web for 127 days
  • 52% of organizations were breached through remote access
  • There was a 300% increase in identity fraud from 2018 – 2019
  • Your organization is obligated to notify any customer that their information has been potentially exposed or breached, even if that breach occurred by your race registration company which you contracted with.

The limit of coverage provided is $250,000 with a $1,500 deductible.

When electing this coverage with your RRCA membership, you will be required to answer the following questions*:

  • Please provide your prior fiscal year end (FYE) revenue (i.e., your previous year's total revenue). Please round up to the nearest dollar.  (RRCA note:  This information is required by the underwriters of the this policy as a condition of coverage.)
  • Do "You", or an outsourced firm, back up your data and systems at least once a week, and store these backups in an offsite location?
  • Do "You" have anti-virus software and firewalls in place that are regularly updated (at least quarterly)?
  • After inquiry of the "Control Group", as defined, are "You" aware of any or have any grounds for suspecting any circumstances which might give rise to a claim? (RRCA note: "Control Group" means the board of director members, executive officers, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, Risk Manager and General Counsel or their functional equivalents of “Your Organization”. This does not include any administrative staff who work in the offices of these named positions.)  
  • Within the last 5 years, has "Your Organization" suffered any system intrusions, tampering, virus or malicious code attacks, loss of data, loss of portable media, hacking incidents, extortion attempts, or data theft, resulting in a claim in excess of $25,000 that would be covered by this insurance?

* With respect to the information required to be disclosed in response to the questions above (and in the membership system), the proposed insurance will not afford coverage for any claim arising from any fact, circumstance, situation, event or act about which any member of the “Control Group” of the “Applicant” had knowledge prior to the issuance of the proposed policy, nor for any person or entity who knew of such fact, circumstance, situation, event or act prior to the issuance of the proposed policy.

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