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General Liability Insurance

An organization must be a member of the RRCA to access the insurance program offered through RRCA.  If a claim arises from a club or event activity, defending the claim can generate extraordinary legal expenses. Purchasing general liability insurance through the RRCA covers the cost of litigation as well as any settlement costs related to a claim.

The RRCA offers a tiered liability insurance program that provides $1 million per occurrence policy with a $5 million aggregate limit per event hosted by a member club, event, or event management company (our standard policy) and a $2 million per occurrence policy with a $5 million aggregate limit per event hosted by a member club, event, or event management company limit.  We recommend that members select the $1 million per occurrence in liability option if they are not required by their local government to insure their activities for $2 million or more.  If an event needs additional coverage per incident above $2million, Insurance Management Group can provide this coverage for $1,500 per additional million requested.  Email Margaret at 

For all three membership classes, general liability insurance coverage includes:

  • A $1,000,000 per occurrence, aggregate limit outlined above or a $2,000,000 per occurrence, aggregate limit outlined above.  No deductible.
  • $500,000 in rented property coverage
  • $10,000 in accidental medical coverage ($250 deductible per claim).  This is standard to the policy and no additional individual membership is required for this coverage.  This coverage that is supplemental to a person's health insurance and should not be construed as basic health insurance coverage for a participant that does not have a basic health insurance policy in their name.
  • $1,000,000 in hired and non-owned auto liability coverage.  This is not collision coverage/damage to hired or non-owned autos.  This covers a member organization in the event that an auto accident occurs while using a hired or non-owned auto and a claim of negligence is filed as a result of an auto accident.
  • $500,000 with a $5,000,000 aggregate for abuse and molestation coverage (SAM).  Organizations need to adopt Safe Sport Act compliant policies and train volunteers ~  Learn more >>
  • Host liquor liability coverage included, so long as alcohol is not sold at the event, but is given out at no charge to participants of legal drinking age. Will you have a vendor selling beer at the post race party?  You will most likely be required to have a liquor license and insurance to cover for alcohol being sold at the event.  In that case, contact our insurance agent at 260-338-2925 and ask to speak to Margaret or email her at
  • Hosting an expo table/booth at an event or hosting of an expo a day or two before an event takes place
  • $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 per occurrence coverage is available for volunteer medical personal for an additional fee.
  • $25,000 in Crisis Response coverage.
  • $10,000 per person with $100,000 aggregate limit for Cyber Privacy and Identity Theft
  • USATF is named as an additional insured in the master policy, thus meeting their requirements for obtaining a sanction without utilizing their insurance policy.  This coverage only applies to USATF sanctioned events utilizing the RRCA insurance program.

Occasionally, a municipality, property owner, or a sponsors requests to become an additional insured under an existing insurance policy. These “additional insured certificates” are provided free of charge by submitting a request to the Insurance Management Group (IMG).  Margaret Mayers, with IMG, will contact you if the additional party cannot be covered as some exclusions may apply. Timing companies, police departments, and others cannot be named as additional insured parties, as they should provide proof of their own general business insurance. Event Management Companies who own more than one event annually may request additional insured certificates, but they must pay the liability premium for each event before making the request for additional insured certificates.

RRCA Insurance is non-transferable. RRCA clubs and race directing companies that assist other organizations with putting on an event may NOT extend insurance coverage to these organizations. If the club or race director does not own the race or manage all aspects of the event, it is not an insured event of the club or race directing company. In this case, the organization receiving the assistance must join the RRCA as an event member to obtain insurance for their event. Race Directing companies may insure an event through the RRCA if they OWN the race and direct all aspects of the race. If the race directing company is assisting another organization with elements of an event such as timing or finish line services, this event is not owned by the race directing company and not insured. Transferring or selling of the RRCA insurance by race directing companies and running clubs for non-owned events is FRAUD. Race directing companies assisting other organizations with their events must instruct that organization to obtain and show proof of event insurance. For more information please see below, under “Covered Activities”, or call (703) 525-3890.

Read the information about Covered Activities & Exclusions >>

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