Thank you for applying to have your event designated an RRCA Championship. As a reminder, please review the information on our RRCA Championship Event Series page, including the branding and sponsorship sections.

RRCA Championship Event Application

Championship Designation

Select the desired RRCA Championship designation:(Required)
You may select one or more options, but only one designation will be awarded per distance for the event.

General Event Information

RRCA does not grant Championship status to first time events.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
In the following format mm/dd/yyyy
If yes, please specify other distances. If no, leave blank.
If you have multiple distances associated with your event, please ONLY specify the expected number of participants in th desired championship event.  Round the number of participants to a single number as opposed to entering a range of numbers.  For example 550 instead of 500-600.
Include information about what makes your event special.
If your event does not provide prize money, enter "0"
If a trail race, leave blank. If your course certification is pending, please write "pending" and submit this form.  You come back and updated your certification number later, once you receive it.  Events DO NOT have to have a USATF sanction to be considered for the RRCA Championship series.
Provide any additional information you would like to share about the event.

Shipping Information

Race Director Name(Required)
Shipping Address for Sponsorship Items (Medals, Bibs, etc.)(Required)

Sponsorship Information

If you would like to order Male/Female awards for a push rim challenged athlete category, or a Non Binary Open Division award, please email [email protected] after submitting your application with that request.
See the "Gatorade Sponsorship" section of here to learn about requirements to receive this product
For example - 1-500.  The RRCA will provide a small overage for bib orders based on your expected number of participants outlined above.
RRCA Championship Branding Requirements(Required)

Event Philanthropy

Will your event donate complimentary entries for the following?
Check all that apply
Will any portion of your race proceeds be donated to the RRCA to support our programs including the Kids Run the Nation Grant Fund, the Roads Scholar Grant Fund, or the RunPro Camp?(Required)
Our goal in collecting this information is to be able to outline our collective social impact through the events involved in the RRCA Championship Event Series. If your event is organized as a nonprofit 501c3 organization and all proceeds stay with the organizing event or club, please include estimated net profits, as this is part of the overall fundraising support for the RRCA Championship Events.

Event Safety

Does your event have a operation preparedness plan and specific set of safety protocols related to COVID-19?
Prior to this event, will you have hosted a race that utilizes a COVID-19 operational preparedness plan and safety protocols?

Bid Submission Certification

Bid Submission Certification
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