To remain in Good Standing as an RRCA Level I and Level II Certified Coach, a coach must maintain current CPR and First Aid certifications. At this time there are no “re-qualification” or CEU requirements. 

If a coach does not update their CPR and First Aid expiration dates and upload their new documents to their RRCA profile in advance of the expiration dates, their status as a coach will change to Not in Good Standing, their name will be removed from the public Find a Coach list, and they will lose access to the Certified Coaches Portal. Coaches will be reinstated by updating their First Aid and CPR expiration dates and document uploads on their profile.

To update your profile with your new CPR and First Aid certifications:

  1. Visit and click Membership System Login.
  2. Log in with your username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, utilize the links below the login fields to access your username or reset your password.*
  3. Click the My Profile button.
  4. Click the small circle in the upper right corner and click My Profile.
  5. Click the blue pencil in the upper right to make the fields editable. Review your information and make any needed updates. We encourage you to add a profile photo/logo, information about your coaching services, etc. This will be included on your public listing.
  6. Add/update and validate your Directory Address. Our website uses your directory city and state to populate the Find a Coach list. While you must provide a full street address, only your city and state will be visible to the public. Completing this step will make the Update button clickable at the bottom of your profile.
  7. Update your CPR and First Aid expiration dates and upload your new certification documents.
  8. Click Update at the bottom of your profile to save your edits.

*If you have trouble logging in, please email [email protected] for assistance.

When updating your CPR and First Aid information, you must enter your new expiration dates AND upload your certification documents in both CPR and First Aid fields. This information will transfer automatically to your Coaching Certification record(s) to maintain or restore your Good Standing status.

Our website pulls coaches’ information from our database every 30 minutes to update the Find a Coach listing. Please do not email staff if your update does not appear immediately. You must allow time for the system to refresh.

Beginning January 1, 2023, an Individual Coach membership will be required, in addition to current CPR and First Aid certifications, to remain in Good Standing as an RRCA Certified Coach and to appear on the public Find a Coach list. Your certification must be in Good Standing in order to purchase the Individual Coach membership through your profile. Once you confirm that the CPR and First Aid information on your profile is current,

  1. Click the small circle in the upper right corner and click Join RRCA as an Individual. (If you have previously purchased an RRCA membership, you will click the small bell-shaped icon in the upper right corner and click “Renew.”)
  2. Select the Individual Coach membership type and click “Next.”
  3. Acknowledge the Safe Sport, group run, and insurance guidelines and click “Next.”
  4. Add the Certified Coach Liability Insurance policy on the following screen if desired. (Click “Next” if not.) Detailed information about the policy is housed in the Certified Coaches Portal, which is accessible to all RRCA certified coaches in Good Standing.
  5. Review the fee(s) and click “Add to Cart.”
  6. Click “Checkout.”
  7. Enter your payment information or select your saved payment method and click “Checkout.”
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