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    RRCA Kids Club Online Service

    The RRCA has partnered with to launch the new Kids Club management system, which includes an online registration system, participant management tools, and the Kids Club Mileage Log.  Program directors can track student running progress in the Kids Club Mileage Log for individuals or as a group.  All youth program directors are encouraged to use this tool to manage their programs, and the program DOES NOT have to be branded as a Kids Run the Nation program to use the Kids Club management system.  The system if free of charge if your program is free for participants.  If you charge a fee for participants, a small credit card processing fee will apply for online registrations. 

    Using this service DOES NOT create a membership between the RRCA and your youth running program.  Learn more about joining the RRCA to take advantages of our membership benefits.

    Follow the 3 easy steps below to create your program online, manage your participants, and log their miles. 

    Step One

    Click on the button below to create your program profile, webpage, and sign-up form.

    Step Two

    Click on the button below to manage your program activities, set your program goals, create groups for mileage tracking and more. 

    Step Three

    Click on the button below to log student miles by individuals or by groups. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Screen Your Volunteers

    The Road Runners Club of America has a guideline encouraging the practice of criminal background checks for RRCA members or anyone working with minors such as coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers, or employees engaged in working with youth (legal minors) involved in youth running programs or kids events.  RRCA members are encouraged to adopt our recommended criminal background check policy. To help clubs implement this guideline, the RRCA has partnered with the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) to provide an affordable background screening service for our members.  All RRCA members will receive a 10% discount on background screening through NCSI.  For more information call 440-542-9690 or visit them online.  All RRCA members that host youth running programs or events should have a policy and procedure in place for addressing abuse reporting.  The RRCA has developed and posted guidelines below to assist members in developing an abuse reporting policy and procedure.


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