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Managing a Running Club

This section outlines important information about managing your club.  The RRCA highly recommends that running clubs send their club president or designated leader to the RRCA Annual Convention.  The RRCA Convention is designed to be an educational opportunity to learn more about best practices in managing a running club and events.  It is also a great opportunity to network with other club and event leaders from around the country.  Each club leader receives a copy of Inside Track, our best practices newsletter.  Back issues of Inside Track can be found on our website and contain informative articles on managing clubs and events.

The following section is broken down into important segments:

Legal Responsibilities for Nonprofit Club Boards

The Board’s role is to ensure your organization functions within a framework that supports your mission. The primary duties of the board are encapsulated in three duties: duty of care, duty of loyalty, and duty of obedience.
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Important Policies for
Clubs to Adopt

Well-​organized running clubs are built on the solid foundation of bylaws, policies, and procedures. Good policies and procedures provide additional guidance and direction for board members and club members to follow.
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Waiver of Participation for Club Members

All clubs are required to obtain waivers of liability from their members and participants during the join/renew process​ to comply with RRCA insurance requirements.  All guests to club training runs MUST sign a waiver.
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Managing Club Memberships

The RRCA recommends using an online system for joining, renewing, and managing members​, which can collect and archive​e waivers, gathering emergency medical and contact information for members, and much more. 
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Adopting a Member
Code of Conduct

On rare occasions, clubs may face difficult members that create ​significant problems for the club​ including creating a hostile environment for other members due to unwanted physical or sexual contact, verbal abuse, racial or ethnic slurs, etc. 
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Managing ​the
Club Finances

An important step in successfully managing a club​'s finances is to ensure that every board member understands their fiduciary obligations​.  Board members are ultimately responsible for the financial well-being of the organization they serve.
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Smooth Leadership Transitions

A binder with several important documents can make a new board member’s transition less stressful. The binder should include the club bylaws, minutes from previous board meetings, current financial statements, and more.
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Promoting Your Club's Programs

Whether your club is new or has been around for years, promoting your club is important for its growth and maintenance. Utilize ​a multi-media ​approach to reach a wide audience and to connect with your members and local running community.
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Hosting Club-Owned Races in Your Community

RRCA running clubs typically conduct group training runs, social gatherings, and many clubs organize running events.  Some of the largest events in the country were established by RRCA member clubs.  ​Review the requirements for hosting races.
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