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Managing Your Club Members

Most clubs start small with a group of friends but if the running community is active, the club can quickly grow.  We recommend that your club designate or appoint someone as the membership director or coordinator if the position is not included as part of the board of directors.  The job of the membership coordinator is to maintain a listing of the members, collect annual membership dues, and report dues income to the Board.  The membership coordinator may also assist with communication efforts to the membership by working with a newsletter editor, a webmaster, or social media coordinator for the organization.  One important job for the membership coordinator is to ensure that all club members sign an annual waiver of liability for all activities they participate in related to the club.  All clubs are required to obtain waivers from their members as part of the RRCA insurance program. 

If guests attend a group training run or social event, have a waiver on hand for them to sign.  You should not allow a guest to participate in club training runs without a signed waiver.  We recommend printing a page with the waiver at the top and then have guests sign on the same page along with their contact and emergency contact information.  This will help cover the club in the event of an incident and can help the club follow-up and encourage guests to join.  The membership coordinator needs to retain all waivers for three to six years in the event that a claim is filed by a member or guest against the club following an incident.

In this day and age, the RRCA highly recommends using an online system for joining, renewing, and managing members.  An online system can assist with collecting and archiving waivers, gathering emergency contact and important medical information for members and much more.  The RRCA has partnered with to bring running club leaders a club management system designed to make life easier for club directors and their members.  You can create your club management system through a simple wizard and allow your club members to join.  This system can automatically renew members, offers a free upload of member data from offline registrations, provides for easy to download data into Excel, you can create custom questions for members, sell club merchandise, accept donations, outline group training plans, and more.  Best of all, you can embed all of these features on your club’s website to keep your members on your site, and your club email list won’t be used by a third party for marketing purposes.   

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