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Incident Reporting

From time to time incidents, including death, do happen at races and group training runs.  It is important to understand the steps your organization needs to take should an incident happen at your race or training runs.

1st:  Acknowledge the incident but don't go into details with the public.  Be sensitive to the parties involved. Appoint a spokesperson who is the only person authorized to talk to the press.  Avoid posting anything on social media.  Make efforts to protect the privacy of the parties involved.

2nd:  Document details about the incident and collect statements from the parties involved, witnesses, and race personnel with knowledge of incident while it is still fresh in everyone's mind.  Secure the copy of the race waiver, either paper or electronic copy.  Keep it in the file regarding the incident for several years based on the statute of limitation in your state.  Legal claims are often filed close to the end date of the statute of limitation.

3rd: The day after the event, access the "Member's Only" page on our website to download the incident report form. You can also email either Jean Knaack ( or Mike Webb ( for a copy.  Complete the form and submit it to K&K insurance as instructed in a timely manner.  Avoid sharing the incident report information with a large group of people as it will contain personal information about the parties involved. 

4th: In the unfortunate event that a lawsuit gets filed, and someone from your club gets served with the filing, don't stress, K&K has you covered.  If a suit is filed, contact either Jean Knaack or Terry Diller, and we will ensure that K&K assigns legal counsel to your organization. 

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