Stephanie Davies

RRCA Welcomes New At-Large Board Member

The RRCA welcomes Stephanie Davies as its newest At-Large Member with the Board of Directors.

With the passage of the updated RRCA Bylaws in April 2021, an additional At-Large Board Member was created for the Board of Directors.  The Board Development Committee, which was also formally outlined in the updated RRCA Bylaws, recommended the appointment of Stephanie Davies.  The recommendation was unanimously accepted by the RRCA Board of Directors.  Stephanie joined the RRCA Board in August as its 10th member. 

Stephanie is an avid marathoner and ultra-marathoner with over 35-years of experience in the sport. As an RRCA certified race director and RRCA Certified Coach, Stephanie has been instrumental in guiding new runners to the finish line, creating profitable events, and has even put her current hometown of Belmont, California on the map as an RRCA recognized Runner Friendly Community. Stephanie serves as the California State Rep – Coastal Area and serves on the RRCA Finance Committee. She is an active member of the Pacifica Runners and Belmont Runners.

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