The following questions must be answered to complete the Cyber Liability Coverage you have purchased for your organization.

Important:  If your organization does not have anti-virus software (including Macs) on computers used on behalf of the organization and unsecured routers/firewalls are used to access the internet, your organization cannot be covered by this policy.

Name of person completing this form:(Required)
These items are required to be in place to covered through the Cyber liability policy. Mac and PC users must have some type of anti-virus software.
Outsourcing may include your event registration company, your cloud based-file system, etc.
"Control Group" means the board of director members, executive officers, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, Risk Manager, and General Counsel or their functional equivalents of “Your Organization”. This does not include any administrative staff who work in the offices of these named positions.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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