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Organization of running clubs and events in a community is the responsibility of local people. The RRCA national office staff does not established organizations in local communities​.  Our organization provides services, benefits, and turn-key programs to support locally organized clubs and events. ​RRCA members must follow certain membership requirements, but our organization does not dictate day-today management operations of our member organization. We do provide guidelines and guidance on best practices in organizing and managing clubs and events.

Getting Started

There are running clubs all over the United States from Maine to Alaska. However, not every town in the United State has a running club, but they should.
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The Planning Meeting

Entice people to come to your initial planning meeting is to schedule it with a social activity or run. Your meeting should be at a convenient place for attendees.
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Nonprofit vs For Profit

Establish your corporate status. The club founders will need to determine if it will be a nonprofit or for profit organization.  Will you incorporate or form an LLC?
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​Joining the RRCA

After the infrastructure of the club has been established it is time to join the RRCA to access the many great benefits and services we have to offer your club.
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​Establishing Your Finances

It is important to open a bank account in the name of the club using ​its EIN number. Clubs should maintain a​n account in a​n approved ​bank.
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Staffing Your Club

Elected officers, along with committee members or appointed program directors should be responsible for carrying out the work of the club.
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