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Elected officers, along with volunteer-run committees or appointed program directors should be responsible for carrying out the work of the all volunteer-run club. Larger clubs with the financial capability may hire paid staff to manage club activities under the direction of a board of directors. Keep in mind that not everyone involved in a management type of job for a club, like a race director, has to be a board member. They can be appointed volunteers that report to the board. This helps keep the board from becoming too large if you conduct a lot of races and also keeps the board from doing all of the work. This helps club members feel invested in the survival of the club and feel like it is a group effort. Make sure all club members know they are welcome to serve on a committee or in other volunteer capacities, but nobody should be required to serve if they just want to show-up and run.

Committees are a great way to divide the workload and engage your members. Have your board develop a mix of the following committees and appoint a volunteer chairperson for each: training program committee, a social committee, a race committee, a group run/walk committee, a fundraising committee, a marketing committee, and the all-important audit and finance committee. These committees can then oversee volunteer recruitment, social activities planning, merchandise, calendar maintenance, running route creation, run leaders and training program coordinators. The sky is the limit, but don’t get carried away at the beginning. It is best to keep management simple at the onset of forming a club and add responsibilities to others over time as the size and complexity of the club increases.

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