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Ten Ways to Celebrate Global Running Day

By RRCA President George Rehmet

On Wednesday June 1, 2022 is Global Running Day – a day for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running of which are many – the physical and mental health benefits, the social aspects, a way to explore, achievement of goals, etc. So what are other ways to celebrate Global Running Day other than just running itself.

Let’s start with some simple things:

1. Watch a movie about running such as Chariots of Fire; McFarland, USA; Saint Ralph; Brittany Runs a Marathon; or Without Limits.

2.Read a book about running such as Born to Run, Once a Runner, A Runner’s High, Let Your Mind Run, The Perfect Mile, and Running the Rift.

3. Buy some new running gear. In fact, check out the new “Empowering Everyone to Run” t-shirts at

Or use Global Running Day to make your community and world a better place:

4. Sign up for a race that benefits a local charity or supporting a friend or relative’s fundraising for a race by making a donation.

5. Donate your gently used running clothing, shoes and gear to a local running club or store that works with children or other disadvantaged groups.

6. Even better, donate to the RRCA at

7. Make a commitment to join your local running club. Go to and select “Find a Club.”

8. Volunteer at a race; you will gain a new appreciation of how much goes on in putting on a running event.

The RRCA Vision is “Empowering Everyone to Run.” Playing off that theme, these final two ways may seem a bit challenging but do make a big difference:

9. Get your friend, neighbor, co-worker to try running. There are lots of resources for runners at

10. The RRCA is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). There are several ways to increase DEI such as patronizing BIPOC running businesses, increasing diverse leadership in your local running club, or supporting  races and organizations that strive to improve/benefit historically disadvantaged groups.

Bonus way to make Global Running Day extra special:

11. Improve your running and/or reach aim to achieve a running goal by working with a RRCA Certified Coach. No matter your training ambitions or fitness level, use to find a knowledgeable and ethical distance running coach near you.

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