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Q. Does the RRCA's General Liability Insurance Program cover a member if someone claims they get Covid-19 from participating in an activity? 

The General Liability policy provided by the RRCA for its members will defend claims of negligence if someone sues an event, club, or coach saying they got Covid-19 at the event, club program/run, coached program/run. The burden of proof that an illness was actually contracted at an event will be a challenge in a lawsuit. Managing risk to avoid a clam of negligence makes it imperative for race directors and run organizers put plans in place for sanitation, physical distancing guidelines, updated waivers, etc. that are in accordance with local and state health department recommendations.  Good plans, along with waivers that specifically include Covid-19 risk acknowledgement (RRCA waiver samples are updated), are a first line of defense if an event, club or coach were to be sued for a claim of negligence if someone test positive following participation after an event or organized run or group activity.
Q. Is Covid-19 covered under accidental medical insurance?

A. We are aware that USA Triathlon issued a statement on accidental medical and Covid-19 not being covered.  It is important to understand that communicable disease has never been included in the accidental medical insurance coverage.  So naturally, Covid-19 is not included, and this is not a policy change. The point of this insurance is to cover a participant in the event of a physical accident, such as: a fall with broken bones; being struck by a car or object on course (falling signs); or other accidents that result in physical harm.  Keep in mind, this coverage is not general health insurance for an uninsured participant.  The coverage is supplemental to a participant's own health insurance coverage and is designed to make a participant financially whole to prevent a lawsuit if an injury is incurred during an event.  

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