Earn Your RunLead Badge Today!

Our program goals for the RunLead Badge are to:

  1. Provide knowledge to people interested in being a community-based RunLead, run mentor, or pace group leader.
  2. Provide education for organized groups in need of trained RunLeads, mentors, and pace group leaders.
  3. Provide an overview of safety concepts for managing run groups, including managing group dynamics, behaviors, inclusivity, and more.
  4. Provide background knowledge to inspire RunLead Badge holders to take the next step and become an RRCA Certified Run Coach.
How to View the Training

Target Audience

Individuals who lead or plan to lead group runs for their clubs, run specialty stores, gyms, or in other group settings are the intended audience for the RunLead Badge, along with people who serve as coaches, mentors, or pace leaders for group runs and events. These individuals may have experience running or leading groups, or they may be new to the task.

Topics Covered

  • Runner and group safety
  • Route planning
  • Managing group dynamics
  • Group inclusivity
  • Coordinating pace groups
  • …and more!

RunLead Badge is presented in the LearnWorlds platform and consists of a 1+ hour online module followed by a 20-question quiz. Participants must score 80% or higher in order to pass. LearnWorlds will automatically confirm completion of the program after viewing the module and passing the quiz. Successful participants will also receive a confirmation email containing the RunLead Badge image they may post to social media, add to email signatures, etc.

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